Yes… I’ve bought my first Christmas tree. Never, ever had one before while living on my own (and this is the second extended period of alone-living I’m in in the last 20 years). But there’s actually space in the living room now for a five-footer, standing on a small table, with the lights built-in. Now, if only I had some decorations…

The Cellar of Dorian Grey

Handy things, cellars, for sweeping away things in a pretend tidy-up.


Back now from my nephew’s christening (well, one of the nephews, anyway).

Brother David and Nephew Ollie.

Brother David and Nephew Ollie.


My DIY skills are pretty good, it’s the measuring, cutting and drilling I have trouble with.

It was 20 years ago today…

… that my grown-up life really started.

Well, it’s the European Day of Languages today, so…

Happy European Day of Languages!
Glücklicher europäischer Tag von Sprachen!
¡Día europeo feliz de idiomas!
Jour européen heureux des langues!
Giorno europeo felice delle lingue!
Dia europeu feliz das línguas!
سعيد اليوم من اللغات الاوروبيه.

All of which means… don’t trust Google to do your translating. Even I know some of those are wrong!

Frontline – the review

I did finish the book after all… and I can heartily recommend it.

Transport thoughts

It’s good to compare: what do you want from your transport system?

The final hour…

Time to come home. You know you have to.

Travels without my comb

I do like this hotel but it does have its quirks.

Ramblin’ Man 2

An afternoon wandering around Grand Place in Brussels.

Ramblin’ Man

The tourist has landed – for a few days, anyway.

Dark days?

Not looking good on the Leeds United front. Not looking good at all.

Got an email today, telling me that the web site I manage for 59 Squadron has been short-listed for an award: a CIPR (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire) PRide award!

I’m… shocked.

You can read more about the awards at Posh dinner to look forward to in November then!

Read it and weep…

I have in my hand a piece of paper that says I know what I’m talking about!

Well, there you go… one 3,000-word essay and one 2,000-word critique finished, and to be hand-delivered to TASC tomorrow. Although, if we’re being strictly accurate I did take advantage of the ±10% guideline. I think you can guess which way, too…

Still, time to relax now, next (and final) module is in April 2007. Better check the resubmission dates though… just in case…

Now even the adverts are dumbing down

Don’t assume your audience knows less / as little as you do.

Where does the time go?

It’s strange to have come almost full circle, but here I am, back studying in Horsforth.

I’m doing a course, and the discussion turned to online communications and blogs and suchlike. Me being me, I mentioned that I’d set up a few of these things in the past… then had to admit that no, actually, I don’t have a blog of my own.

Well, now I do. There’s one born every second, apparently; who am I to swim against the crowd?