Snuggs and Smales and lost Boy(e)s

Yes… the family tree research continues!

Wet pavement hop-scotch

Look, I have enough trouble walking as it is, never mind it being something out of a TV game show.

Tempus fidget

If I stay on British Summer Time will I get up earlier? And how do I stay on BST?


Finally, I can call myself a TASC graduate 🙂

The Beeston Poisoner

Cooking and baking are therapeutic – I just don’t have enough people to practice on.

Niagara Falls!

The place I’ve been waiting to revisit ever since we arrived – at last!

A Tale of Tim Horton’s

In Canada, the ubiquitous, local coffee establishment of choice is Tim Horton’s. It would be rude not to.

Today is Labour Day in Canada (and the US, but they nicked the idea from Oop North). As such, everything is shut; malls, coffee-houses, you name it and you can’t buy it (well, not easily).

If this was a UK Bank Holiday (like last week), we’d all be at Meadowhall or B&Q. And I’d be writing my postcards, drinking coffee and buying cheap electronic accessories.

Best advice? Or worst?

Steve says... WTF?

Gary says… WTF?

On the waterfront

First day out for a proper look at the sights. Sometimes, sites.

Air Navigation: Lesson One

The in-flight information screen and I had a difference of opinion.

A real ‘bobby-dazzler’

Sharing the departure lounge with a man famous enough that even my poorly mum managed to recognise him.

Six degrees of Facebook

The world’s getting smaller, that’s for sure.

Me and my Shadow (Minister)

Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. But only if everyone follows the plan.

Facebook v Real Life

I still don’t know what the fuss is about. Facebook, I mean.

Man is the sum of his memories

Things are there to remind us of what we forget, but do they have a value of their own?

Alan Johnston bannerWhat a wonderful way to wake up this morning; to the news that Alan Johnston had been released. One of those rare occasions when you can imagine that the 200,000 people who signed the petitions, and the thousands like me who added his photo to our blogs all punched the air in delight and absolute joy for a man we’d never met. Sometimes, the world is a wonderful place!

No – it really was that bad

Despite our best efforts at work, some people just didn’t get the message about why there was so much travel disruption today.

Race for Life

I didn’t run the race but I certainly got some exercise.

Facebook. What’s the fuss?

Okay, I’ll give it a go. Everyone else seems to be joining!