A real ‘bobby-dazzler’

Sharing the departure lounge with a man famous enough that even my poorly mum managed to recognise him.

Regular readers (!) will know that I don’t like air travel, especially for a long time, and that I get motion sickness quite easily. This is something I’ve¬†inherited from my mum; the only person I know who got sick while we were taxiing back.

On the other hand, she does watch a lot of teevee, which is why, in spite of her earlier sickness from the train journey to Manchester Airport, she was able to weakly nod in the general direction of Mr David “cheap as chips” Dickinson. He didn’t fly with us to Canada, but he was there in the departure lounge, anyway.

So, here I am in Canada (though the site is still showing UK time and the temperature is for Leeds¬†– forgot to change the template before I left), looking forward to getting a bit of sun and fresh air. And maybe not spending so long in front of the PC…