I blame Charmaine

Because it’s always someone else’s fault when I get distracted 🙂

Sort of.

She’s been looking up her family tree too (and is, she reckons, related to William the Conqueror via the other side of the blanket). So it prompted me to get back to looking at mine and tidying up the database/GEDCOM file before my next visit to the Library in January.

For a Chartered Librarian, I’ve been pretty slack in the source-quoting stakes. So I spent most of the day adding sources – badly – and trying to match them up with my research.

Except, of course, I’d been entering my findings onto scraps of paper, then transferring them into the database, so I’m missing half of the Ecclesiastical Records references, which I have no choice but to go and look up again.

I’m not taking the laptop with me in January, everything is going to be recorded the old-fashioned way onto index cards, then transferred over. That’ll teach me to cut corners… probably.