Who’s soldier Boy?

So, just back from the British Library.

Mostly, this visit was to make sure I had all the proper sources for the entries in the Family Historian database… which I didn’t quite finish. So I’ll have to go down again, probably at least twice more this year and with better records / printouts.

But I may have found my first non-Indian relative!

In fact, I ‘found’ him some time ago, I think during that first year’s research in 2004. He is Richard Boy, son of John, husband of Susan. Richard was a soldier in the 25th Regiment of Foot. Now, the dates don’t match exactly – so more research required – but the 25th Regiment was in India at the time his marriage certificate says he was.

More interestingly, during the 1841 Census (thanks, Charmaine!) there was a Richard Boy stationed at Chatham Barracks. Their ages aren’t the same though; close, but not the same. That doesn’t mean they aren’t the same person, however, and this Richard wasn’t married. It’s a bit of a leap of faith, but hey, when isn’t it?

Interestingly, the 25th Regiment were involved in the Battle of Minden in 17-whenever-it-was, so there’s a Yorkshire connection (it took place on 1 August, from which we get Yorkshire Day) and it was in Minden (where Birgit used to live and her dad still does). ‘Small world’ theory in action again.

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