Whose photos are these, anyway? And does it really only depend on how they’re used?

Press regulation: Or, why do we have double-yellow lines?

Rules only work if they are enforced – and enforceable.

Leeds’s third University

Congratulations and welcome to Leeds Trinity University!

Surviving PRide

Me, Lucy and lots of unclaimed awards.

Well, I just about survived PRide this year!

It’s the big event in the PR diary regionally, and always a lot of fun – if you remember to moderate your alcohol intake…

This year – as last year – I got to present the Award to the Communicator of the Year. Unlike last year though, there were four winners; Nicola Adams, Jess Ennis, Sophie Wells and Seb Coe. Also unlike last year, none of the winners were there… which is why Lucy and I can be seen with all the uncollected Awards.

All being well, I’ll be Chair of the Group for the next two Awards and I am thoroughly looking forward to it.

Well – the world didn’t come to an end

The dust has settled, the displays have been folded up and now its time to fill in the relevant section on the CIPR CPD form. So what did I learn from Northern Conference?

CIPR to the Max

Max Clifford is coming to Northern Conference on 31 October, and it’s raised a bit of a stink in some circles.

Osborne: How to get it horribly wrong

Even when it’s not a slow news day, there will always be someone prepared to drop themselves in it through lack of foresight.

And all in a good cause

Hacks and flacks get together again to raise money in memory of Nigel Scott.

Mapped into abstraction

Despite the technology at hand, finding your route isn’t always a stroll in the park.

Star Guitar

I know I’m late to the game, but I really do like this video. And it’s a good example of how WordPress uses oEmbed.

Perks of the job

Me, Megan and Shirley.

Me, Megan and Shirley.

One of the more pleasant duties as 2IC CIPR Y&L is that I get to stand in for the Chair when they’re not available. Last year it was at the PRide Awards Dinner; this year I got to present the medal to the best student on the BA Public Relations course at Leeds Metropolitan University. By amazing good fortune she happened to be the person who was Trophy Assistant at the Awards Dinner – handy, when it came to making a short speech I wasn’t warned I had to give.

The presentation was on 27 July and a copy of the photo came through today. I’m the one on the left.

I’ve met ‘er, you know…

It’s a strange feeling watching people you know on TV – especially when one of them looks familiar, but you can’t remember why…