Where does the time go?

I’m a busy, busy bee at the moment!

If I could have a pound for every moment I spent wondering
About the the little things in life that frankly there’s no hurrying;
Then I would be a rich girl, and I want to be a rich girl – soon.
But I think at this rate, that it’s gonna ‘least take ’till there’s life on the Moon —

Oh, where does the time go?

Yes, the only web site to quote Julia Fordham lyrics (outside of Julia Fordham’s own, I guess), which is my way of saying that since I became Chair CIPR Yorks & Lincs life has not stood still long enough to do a decent blog post or three.

And I’m off on holiday to Brussels tomorrow for a long weekend of mostly relaxing (I hope), so you’re not going to get one now, either!