Spring-cleaning the site… six months late, but still, there’s method to the madness.

What do you think of the new theme?

I quite liked ‘dark and brooding’ and I know from past experience that simply switching themes isn’t easy – you end up having to create child themes, edit stylesheets and templates and a 10-minute playaround can turn in to yet another accidental late night when you’ve things to do the next morning.

See, what happened was that there’s something I’m going to temporarily need a whole new category of posts for (for September, at least) and I figured that there must be a way of applying a different theme to just that category. There probably is, but the one plugin in the WordPress repository that looked like it would do the job didn’t do it properly.

In the end, I thought “bugger it” and changed the whole thing.

It’s not perfect (yet) of course and there are some things that don’t work with this one (Fictive, by Automattic) compared with the old one (Garfunkel (with a bit of Hitchcock) by Anders Noren). The Gallery posts don’t show any images, for one thing. I’m not sure I like the two-column display on my iPad Mini in landscape mode, it looks better in portrait. Hm… wonder if the menu panel can be turned in to a slider…?

Also not keen on the relative sizes of tags but there’s no way to change the sizes in the widget (I seem to recall it can be done in the code though). And the Category views will take some getting used to.

I’m sure it’ll keep me amused… for a while.