An evening meeting old friends, making new friends – and a blast from the past.

Slowly recovering after yesterday’s 50th anniversary reunion bash at Leeds Trinity / TASC.

It should have happened in July but got postponed – none the worse for having been done so, and that may have accounted for the turnout.

Me and Mr Hughes
Mr Hughes (Class of 67) and me (Class of 86).

Looking at the list of uncollected name badges I saw two from a couple of guys who were in my hall (Ripon) in 1986 and who were at the 85-88 reunion the year before. I also saw the name of one of my former primary school teachers – a man widely considered a psychopath by those who were tutored by him. And we were only 8 years old…

But, it made me wonder if any of the other teachers I knew would be there. TASC teachers taught me from ages 4 to 19, at least half my teachers were TASC graduates. Sure enough, Eric Hughes was on the guest list. Of course, I had no idea what he looked like now, which meant a lot of wandering around tables and reading name badges.

It was while talking to a couple who had met and got married at TASC back in the day (and whose daughter I vaguely remember having started in the early 1990s) that I saw a likely suspect – and it was indeed him.

Mr Hughes taught maths. I originally applied to TASC to do secondary maths. I didn’t become a teacher (I didn’t even pass my degree) but it’s people like him that made me what I am today, directly and indirectly…

A man who looks crap in photos.