Of tags and themes

I probably wouldn’t be so bothered were I not a Chartered Librarian… although knowing me I probably would still be.

I’ve been getting wound up by that long list of tags on the left of every page.

My favourite part of librarianship was (and is) cataloguing and classification – cat & class. When I did my first degree the bits of maths I really liked were logic and computability and there’s a certain commonality between the two areas. If you don’t believe me, Colon Classification was created by S. R. Ranganathan – a mathematician.

I only have one category on this site, for blog posts; everything else is a Page (which means something in WordPress different to how the rest of the Internet might understand ‘page’). All the blog posts are tagged, as you’d expect. But the list doesn’t discriminate enough. It can be set to show the most popular tags in larger font, but that doesn’t show what’s currently on my mind.

It turns out there’s a script (and a plugin) which I can use and adapt, and which shows what I’ve been talking about over the last x days. Lovely. Except… we then need a way for all the tags to be made available. I did try coding this myself as a jQuery reveal, but gave up as it fairly quickly became apparent that I’m just not that good at coding.

Help of a sort comes from another Automattic theme, called Sorbet, which has a drop-down sidebar instead of the left-hand one that Fictive uses. Of course, it isn’t that easy to mix and match elements from two different themes but with a bit of careful planning I now have Sorbet’s menu buttons at the top of the screen, different widget areas to Fictive’s all populated, so that’s that.

The menus don’t work.

No idea why, but guessing I’ve gone wrong on the css somewhere. It looks nice, but a bit pointless if it doesn’t do anything (and that’s even before I get round to sorting the responsive css calls).

Monday update It’s looking a lot better now 🙂