You make one change…

… and your web site develops a ‘fault’. Sort-of.

The Devil makes work for idle hands, and mine are particularly idle at the moment so I made a couple of changes to this site last week. Being a font-obsessive, of them was to change the body font to Cardo from Open Sans.

I think it looks quite lovely, especially some of the stylised letter pairs such as ‘ff’, ‘fi’ & ‘fl’ and letter triples in ‘office’ or ‘affliction’ (which look fairly normal with Microsoft Edge; I assume there’s a setting, somewhere). Like most fonts it can’t cope with logic symbols, but then Google Chrome doesn’t support MathML so I won’t be writing about modus ponens anytime soon.

The problem comes with the menus you see at the top of the screen.

On my laptop, they work fine using Firefox1, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. On my iPad and iPhone there’s a problem with the first three menu items; on initial opening they drop down further than they should before snapping back.

Not only does that only affect the first three menus, it only affects them on first load, and only on what WordPress calls a Page – such as the Home Page. Not this one, which WordPress calls a Post.

I don’t have an Android device, so I don’t know if this is just an Apple / webkit-based browser ‘thing’.

Changing the font back to Open Sans fixes the problem (or rather, it stops it happening).

If it happened on all the menus, that would be a help – I’d know where to look. If it only happened with Cardo, I’d look for a different font – but it happens with other fonts as well.

So if you’re viewing this post on an Android phone or (preferably) tablet, feel free to go to the Home Page, reload it, tap on the first menu item and let me know what happens so I can eliminate some possibilities.

  1. Actually, there’s one slight problem in Firefox; if you use the Back button, menus open and close. Go Forward then Back again, and the menus open, close and open. And so on. Bizzare. []