An uneven website

Not all browsers, it appears, are created equal.

So: I’ve got a new post in the works.

For this new post I wanted to do an image comparison, which means having the image as large as possible. I’ve found a Gutenberg plugin that will let me do this, but the content area on my site with this template is a bit narrow on a normal, desktop/landscape tablet view.

As it happens, after changing to this template at the end on January there were a few things I thought needed fixing, so I did those as well. I came up with a way, for example, of fixing the randomly-generated header images so that if you’re looking at a list of stories with the theme “Leeds” it always shows the Leeds skyline.

I’ve added the list of themes for each post into the left-hand column as well (I probably ought to remove them from the foot of each post… but might not). And I made a few changes to the code in the background, removed unused files, generally tidying up.

I did this on my test site rather than the live site, obviously! Lesson learned there, having broken most of the images on the site… something else that will need fixing this month. I’ll roll out the template changes soon, probably when I need them for the new post I’m writing.

The problem is that, looking at the site on Chrome (desktop or iPad Air), it looks wrong. Wrong-ish. on Safari, Firefox and even Microsoft Edge (spit) the content width is 90% with a maximum width. In Chrome it’s around 83%, which is about the maximum width. It’s as if the max-width setting is overriding the width setting – which it should do on large screens, but not small one.

Anyway: that was an unsatisfactory Saturday afternoons-worth of playing around. I’ll ignore it for now, but you know I’ll keep looking for a fix (if only because I want to get that 83% figure to be a bit lower). Also, sorting out those images.

Also also, going through all the older posts to make them Gutenberg-friendly…