Librarianship, public relations, and all points in between. Merriment and what-not. But why ‘acquis’?

The name’s Bielsa: Marcelo Bielsa

Whether you brush it off or you’re morally outraged… that isn’t the point.

Don’t poke the bear

What is public relations? Don’t ask BBC Radio 4.

A New England

Reviewing the year would be good if there was anything good in it to re-view…

WordPress 5’s alive

Bright new dawn, or the beginning of the end?


The ninth circle of Brexit hell.

Defence of the realm

Customer engagement can be an exercise in futility – for both sides.

Wardrobe malfunction

If clothes maketh the man… I’m in trouble!

All a-Goggle(box)

With lessons for PR practitioners everywhere – and a personal footnote.

Four go to Leeds

Let’s not get carried away… but it is still something of a coup.

The Joy of Sets

Mathematics, communication… what’s the connection?

Hot metal, cold type

The end of local newspapers, or the start of something better?

Cut, shut and respray

Marking time by giving the website a once-over.

They might be Giants

What happens when your long-awaited catch-up with a friend clashes with a major international cultural event…


In London, you’re never more than six feet away from a rat. In Leeds, you’re never more than six metres away from an Uber…

Recycle or reuse?

We can and should do both: but which is better?

Is this the end of the PR degree?

And will anyone mourn their passing?

Yorkshire Day

Tha’ can allus tell a Yorkshireman… but tha’ can’t tell ‘im much.

When I am old…

… I shall drink purple. This is called a Black Jack, a rum-based cocktail at Alchemist in Leeds. Pour over the ice, then squirt something out of a syringe onto it. Meh.

The Kick Song

Extremely silly, but I do like this! The Stick Song it’s based on is good too…

Back in the GDPR

Yes, even my small outpost on the Interweb needs to be GDPR-compliant!