The Chartered Institute of Public Relations, where I am a Fellow and Chartered PR Practitioner. Have a look at my member journey.

WhatsApp: The Saga Continues

We’d really, really like to bring our WhatsApp newsletter back. But not at any cost.

The State of the State of the Profession Survey

My thoughts on this year’s findings.

God helps those…

‘Tis the season when CIPR region and sector groups look for new Committee members. Want to help?

Scrubbing up for PRide

With sincere apologies to Simon Baylis, who was cropped out of this image by the photographer before uploading. I look good though.

Me at the PRide Awards Dinner in 2017.

Caution: Merge Ahead

Should we? Could we? Would we?

One year on, Emma is elected (ooh – does that mean it’s my turn next year?) although I think my political satire has passed over the heads of many…

Aux armes, citoyens!

Your Chartered Institute needs you. Or does it?

You’ve had your carrots

Some AVE stick is long overdue.

The Great(ish) Merger Debate

I know it’s important – to some – but it always makes me laugh.

Should we look again at CIPR Regional Groups?

Some blue-sky thinking with a bit of Devil’s Advocate thrown in for luck.

Lobbying and APPGs

Alison White’s inquiry highlights problems with the government’s lobbyist register – and with the CIPR-managed one as well.

I love a good conference

The CIPR National Conference is back, with a post-Brexit bang.

Election lessons learned

Thinking of standing in the next CIPR elections? Don’t…

The Home Stretch

But still time to vote – and for a reminder of why I’m standing and what I stand for.

The PR Bubble

It happens in politics, in happens everywhere… so thanks to the people who reminded me there’s a PR ‘bubble’ too!


My answers to the questions from the other candidates.

An open, Chartered Institute

Transparency is the best way to foster engagement with our members.

A time for change

Why I’m standing #ForTheMembers.


We’re not just choosing a new President-Elect this year, but a whole new Council too.

In praise of CIPR Groups

Without our local volunteers, would we even have a Chartered Institute?