Defence of the realm

Customer engagement can be an exercise in futility – for both sides.

Four go to Leeds

Let’s not get carried away… but it is still something of a coup.

Hot metal, cold type

The end of local newspapers, or the start of something better?

Is this the end of the PR degree?

And will anyone mourn their passing?

A storm in a pint glass

Does Tim Martin have a point in closing down Wetherspoon’s social media channels?

Whose data is it, anyway?

And why are we so willing to turn a blind eye to what happens with it?

The V6 Experience

Virgin Media’s Quickstart process is missing a few steps…

Working smart versus working hard

It doesn’t always mean what you think it does.

“Provides support”. Or not.

Those Twitter designations aren’t as useful as you’d think.

Communication. It’s a three-way process

Talk, listen, understand. Not always in that order.

Voices of authority

Who do you turn to when a crisis hits?

Nowhere to Run (and nowhere to hide)

How scenario-planning has me trapped in my own mind.

What’s in a word?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to say what we mean. And sometimes, not difficult at all.

Live from our text commentator

Memories of two glorious years as a sports ‘reporter’.

Repetition, repetition, repetition

When media strategies become a bit too successful.

Is this post about SEO search engine optimised?

I guess it depends on whether I want you to read it or not.

That White House Media Ban

Wondering what to make of it? Or what to make of the responses to it?

Why you should write

Also what, when and how – because one day, it might be important.

Public Relations. What’s in a name?

PR, marketing, communications: are we getting too hung up on terminology?

The lost art of the rejection letter

Thoughts on the right, wrong and most-timely ways to let an applicant down.