Us and them

Despite our shared histories, Europe has always been “over there”. And this is where Britain goes wrong.


Watching the Brexit press conference yesterday reminded me that I was in that very room for a couple of Midday Briefings, complete with headphones and simultaneous translations, in September 2005 when I was on the PG Dip in Public Communications at Leeds Trinity University. Here’s the proof (yes, the seat colours and my taste in ties haven’t changed).

Me at a Midday Briefing in the Berlaymont, Brussels, 2005.
Me at a Midday Briefing in the Berlaymont, Brussels, 2005.

Ever closer union?

Sixty years since the Treaty of Rome was signed, how will Britain disentangle itself?

One Sunday in Brussels

A figure-of-eight loop from my hotel, north through the gardens near the Library, across to the Park, back via the Cathedral and down to Grand’Place.


This is not my first web site, and not even my first personal site, by some margin…

May Days

For different reasons, early May sees a lot of anniversaries.

Simultaneous translation

Well, it’s the European Day of Languages today, so…

Happy European Day of Languages!
Glücklicher europäischer Tag von Sprachen!
¡Día europeo feliz de idiomas!
Jour européen heureux des langues!
Giorno europeo felice delle lingue!
Dia europeu feliz das línguas!
سعيد اليوم من اللغات الاوروبيه.

All of which means… don’t trust Google to do your translating. Even I know some of those are wrong!