A leap of faith

Balancing probabilities with the family tree research.

A question of ethnicity

Please tick the box that best approximates… even if none applies.

Well it’s not *im* possible…

Hmm. Just how difficult is it to build a family tree web site?

Who’s soldier Boy?

Just for once, I might have gone back a generation instead of finding lots more ‘cousins’!

I blame Charmaine

Because it’s always someone else’s fault when I get distracted 🙂

Dem… De M… D’M…

The perils of family records with different spellings.

Snuggs and Smales and lost Boy(e)s

Yes… the family tree research continues!


Back now from my nephew’s christening (well, one of the nephews, anyway).

Brother David and Nephew Ollie.

Brother David and Nephew Ollie.