They might be Giants

My long-time friend Pam and I had decided to meet up in Liverpool… not realising that the Giants would be making their farewell tour the same weekend. We did our best not to let them get in the way but as you can see… the crowds were HUGE! Thankfully, we could escape lots of them by visiting Tate Liverpool…

The Kick Song

Extremely silly, but I do like this! The Stick Song it’s based on is good too…

Scrubbing up for PRide

With sincere apologies to Simon Baylis, who was cropped out of this image by the photographer before uploading. I look good though.

Me at the PRide Awards Dinner in 2017.

Congratulations, Emma!

One year on, Emma is elected (ooh – does that mean it’s my turn next year?) although I think my political satire has passed over the heads of many…


At the end of May I helped my former employer by being an extra in a new TV commercial. Can you spot me? Can you spot me twice?

Posted by West Yorkshire Metro on Thursday, 15 June 2017

11,000-day anniversary

I’ve known my friend Birgit for 11,000 days today. That’s about 30 years and six weeks. I really ought to have bought her something  – lilies or pearls for a 30th anniversary. Maybe if we meet over the summer… will have to get a job first though…

Day trip to Lincoln

My good friend Charmaine and I took a day trip to Lincoln today (I needed some camera practice – still do). Here’s a selection of some that I took from the walk around the castle wall.


An evening meeting old friends, making new friends – and a blast from the past.

Triathlon runner

Huge fun yesterday. I’d volunteered my services to help out in the media operation at the World Triathlon stage taking place for the first time in Leeds yesterday. Didn’t anticipate having to cross the course when 6,000 runners were on the course.

Wasn’t expecting to be on coach transfer duty. Which meant I wasn’t expecting to be on the start pontoon at Roundhay Park…

Chart. PR presentation

Rob Brown presenting me with my Chartership certificate.
Rob Brown presenting me with my Chartership certificate.

At the end of last night’s Yorkshire & Lincolnshire AGM, Rob Brown, President of the Chartered Institute for 2016, presented me with my Chartered PR Practitioner certificate. And I *still* couldn’t raise a smile.

Photo by Jermaine Sanwoolu MCIPR