The Bucket List

There’s lots I’d like to do, places to go, things to see. So what’s stopping me?

Day trip to Lincoln

My good friend Charmaine and I took a day trip to Lincoln today (I needed some camera practice – still do). Here’s a selection of some that I took from the walk around the castle wall.

One Sunday in Brussels

A figure-of-eight loop from my hotel, north through the gardens near the Library, across to the Park, back via the Cathedral and down into Grand’Place.

I’m back, baby!

Best. Holiday. Ever? Certainly the cheapest!

Camp tomorrow! My first-ever Summer Camp, this one’s at RAF Marham. I have no idea what to expect, though the two tame Squadron Leaders of my acquaintance have done their best to scare me.

I won’t be able to make any posts form there though, it sounds like a bit of an IT wilderness! Not even sure if I’ll get a mobile phone signal.

Niagara Falls!

The place I’ve been waiting to revisit ever since we arrived – at last!

A Tale of Tim Horton’s

In Canada, the ubiquitous, local coffee establishment of choice is Tim Horton’s. It would be rude not to.

Today is Labour Day in Canada (and the US, but they nicked the idea from Oop North). As such, everything is shut; malls, coffee-houses, you name it and you can’t buy it (well, not easily).

If this was a UK Bank Holiday (like last week), we’d all be at Meadowhall or B&Q. And I’d be writing my postcards, drinking coffee and buying cheap electronic accessories.

On the waterfront

First day out for a proper look at the sights. Sometimes, sites.

Air Navigation: Lesson One

The in-flight information screen and I had a difference of opinion.

A real ‘bobby-dazzler’

Sharing the departure lounge with a man famous enough that even my poorly mum managed to recognise him.

The final hour…

Time to come home. You know you have to.

Travels without my comb

I do like this hotel but it does have its quirks.

Ramblin’ Man 2

An afternoon wandering around Grand Place in Brussels.

Ramblin’ Man

The tourist has landed – for a few days, anyway.