public relations

My main profession.

Don’t poke the bear

What is public relations? Don’t ask BBC Radio 4.

Is this the end of the PR degree?

And will anyone mourn their passing?

The State of the State of the Profession Survey

My thoughts on this year’s findings.

God helps those…

‘Tis the season when CIPR region and sector groups look for new Committee members. Want to help?

The Impossible Client

If you don’t have all the information to hand, you can’t always make the right decision.

Caution: Merge Ahead

Should we? Could we? Would we?

One year on, Emma is elected (ooh – does that mean it’s my turn next year?) although I think my political satire has passed over the heads of many…

Tell your story, your way

Complex project communications? Think Apollo 13.

Communication. It’s a three-way process

Talk, listen, understand. Not always in that order.

You’ve had your carrots

Some AVE stick is long overdue.

Facts are boring!

Like bricks and mortar, it’s what you do with them that counts.

Giveaways: know your audience

The never-before seen perfect conference gift I couldn’t find the budget for.

Crisis? What crisis?

Why you should always have an answer ready – even if it’s for something you can solve.

Propaganda, spin and post-truth: a century of deceit

A lie by any other name is still as rancid, still as sour. Why the obsession with giving old things new names?

ICYMI, A draft public relations framework to tackle fake news by Stephen Waddington. I’ll come back to fake news in a week or so…

Lobbying and APPGs

Alison White’s inquiry highlights problems with the government’s lobbyist register – and with the CIPR-managed one as well.

A crisis of faith

You’re never too old to learn something new – and I learned a lot during 2016.

Public Relations. What’s in a name?

PR, marketing, communications: are we getting too hung up on terminology?

I love a good conference

The CIPR National Conference is back, with a post-Brexit bang.

Personal and professional ethics

A response to a post on Influence.