random thoughts

When I think of things that are seemingly unconnected to most other things.

Wardrobe malfunction

If clothes maketh the man… I’m in trouble!

Recycle or reuse?

We can and should do both: but which is better?


No, not that sort. Actual baggage. Bags.

Sheffield Snow

View from the office.

(You can tell it’s Sheffield because of the tram.)

Sign in my hotel

For want of a letter, the meaning was lost…

Sunday at the Travel Centre

Usually, I do my research and know exactly what I want. This time…

The week that was

In the future we were supposed to have more free time. And yet…

A brief history of time

Finally! A scientific reason why I’m always late.

Election night special

Separated at birth…

The Book of Ideas

Keeping track of your off-line thoughts.

Georgia on my mind

Not the country, nor the state. You know me by now, don’t you?

Revisions and revisionism

A slightly daft way to say “I’ve been spring cleaning”.

Does disruption work?

Or is it always doomed to fail in time?

Should we look again at CIPR Regional Groups?

Some blue-sky thinking with a bit of Devil’s Advocate thrown in for luck.

Facts are boring!

Like bricks and mortar, it’s what you do with them that counts.

A question of ethnicity

Please tick the box that best approximates… even if none applies.

I’m on Instagram?

Well… apparently I am. I don’t remember doing this at all.

Filing, sorting, deleting. Emails.

It’s taken me some time, but I’ve have been having a clear out. But what I really need is a modern email program.

The eye of the storm

With voting closed and the results not due to be announced until next week… what is a boy to do?

Winding back the clock

Today’s A level results-fest always reminds me of what happened to me… 30 years ago.