site news

For those occasions when you wonder why everything has changed or suddenly broken!

Cut, shut and respray

Marking time by giving the website a once-over.

Back in the GDPR

Yes, even my small outpost on the Interweb needs to be GDPR-compliant!

Spring clean, sprung

My new home, but with some unboxing to do.


Or, why are IT people so crap at communicating?

A crisis of identity

Is it time for a rebrand, I wonder?

You make one change…

… and your web site develops a ‘fault’. Sort-of.

You know me, fidget, fidget, fidget… the tags have lost their left-side curves and dots, but gained rounded corners. I wanted to make them parallelograms but I couldn’t get the text to be upright. A technique to save for the future though. Oh, and the RSS feed is now just for the ‘public relations’ tag. What can I change next…?

Hacking about with WordPress

Filling in the time by keeping my WordPress skills sharp. Sharp-ish.

Of tags and themes

I probably wouldn’t be so bothered were I not a Chartered Librarian… although knowing me I probably would still be.

WordPress + Eventbrite = hours* of frustration

* It would have been hours, but I gave up after 30 minutes, I’m not getting any younger. Why should embedding off-site content be so difficult?


Spring-cleaning the site… six months late, but still, there’s method to the madness.

Another anniversary

Yes… EGP is 10 years old. Sort of.

Embedding a Google map

The joy at updating my station data map is tempered somewhat by the problems I’m having embedding it as a page on this site.

Where does the time go?

I’m a busy, busy bee at the moment!

Normal service will be resumed shortly…

Or as normal as it gets, anyway.

Why Facebook isn’t *sociable* media

Where is Facebook heading? And will we ever get there with all the app requests?