social media

WhatsApp: The Saga Continues

We’d really, really like to bring our WhatsApp newsletter back. But not at any cost.

A storm in a pint glass

Does Tim Martin have a point in closing down Wetherspoon’s social media channels?

Whose data is it, anyway?

And why are we so willing to turn a blind eye to what happens with it?

“Provides support”. Or not.

Those Twitter designations aren’t as useful as you’d think.

Live from our text commentator

Memories of two glorious years as a sports ‘reporter’.

Still using Facebook? How retro of you…

I’ve not posted an update since 1 January. Who’s noticed?

I’d installed WhatsApp because CIPR Y&L have started using it for promotions and news. But I forgot that it scans your contacts to see who else is using it. Yesterday I opened the app to find a week-old message from someone.

Moral: always uninstall apps you have no intention of using.

The year we failed to make contact

Yes! It’s another ‘technology fail’ story…

I’m on Instagram?

Well… apparently I am. I don’t remember doing this at all.

A Facebook Fast

I gave up Facebook for Lent. What did I learn?

Why Facebook isn’t *sociable* media

Where is Facebook heading? And will we ever get there with all the app requests?

Six degrees of Facebook

The world’s getting smaller, that’s for sure.

Facebook v Real Life

I still don’t know what the fuss is about. Facebook, I mean.

Facebook. What’s the fuss?

Okay, I’ll give it a go. Everyone else seems to be joining!

I’m doing a course, and the discussion turned to online communications and blogs and suchlike. Me being me, I mentioned that I’d set up a few of these things in the past… then had to admit that no, actually, I don’t have a blog of my own.

Well, now I do. There’s one born every second, apparently; who am I to swim against the crowd?