Trinity & All Saints College in my day, now Leeds Trinity University.

All a-Goggle(box)

With lessons for PR practitioners everywhere – and a personal footnote.


Watching the Brexit press conference yesterday reminded me that I was in that very room for a couple of Midday Briefings, complete with headphones and simultaneous translations, in September 2005 when I was on the PG Dip in Public Communications at Leeds Trinity University. Here’s the proof (yes, the seat colours and my taste in ties haven’t changed).

Me at a Midday Briefing in the Berlaymont, Brussels, 2005.

Me at a Midday Briefing in the Berlaymont, Brussels, 2005.


An evening meeting old friends, making new friends – and a blast from the past.

Winding back the clock

Today’s A level results-fest always reminds me of what happened to me… 30 years ago.

Then and now

I was fortunate to have a ‘golden ticket’ to tonight’s Leeds Trinity University 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner, and took the opportunity to have this photo taken, recreating one I did a little over 27 years ago at the Going Down Ball in Harrogate, 1989. Still got it.

Me in 2016

Me in 2016

Me in 1989

Me in 1989

Leeds’s third University

Congratulations and welcome to Leeds Trinity University!


Finally, I can call myself a TASC graduate 🙂

A long and winding road

Back to TASC with a dear friend, and we noticed a change…

It was 20 years ago today…

… that my grown-up life really started.

Well, there you go… one 3,000-word essay and one 2,000-word critique finished, and to be hand-delivered to TASC tomorrow. Although, if we’re being strictly accurate I did take advantage of the ±10% guideline. I think you can guess which way, too…

Still, time to relax now, next (and final) module is in April 2007. Better check the resubmission dates though… just in case…

Where does the time go?

It’s strange to have come almost full circle, but here I am, back studying in Horsforth.

I’m doing a course, and the discussion turned to online communications and blogs and suchlike. Me being me, I mentioned that I’d set up a few of these things in the past… then had to admit that no, actually, I don’t have a blog of my own.

Well, now I do. There’s one born every second, apparently; who am I to swim against the crowd?