Back in the GDPR

Yes, even my small outpost on the Interweb needs to be GDPR-compliant!

WhatsApp: The Saga Continues

We’d really, really like to bring our WhatsApp newsletter back. But not at any cost.

Too good to be forgotten?

How far do we have to go to remove all traces of our previous indiscretions?

Old Dog, Old Tricks

Sometimes, you have to go back to basics.

Whose data is it, anyway?

And why are we so willing to turn a blind eye to what happens with it?

The V6 Experience

Virgin Media’s Quickstart process is missing a few steps…

Technology will set you free

Actually it will do no such thing, but it’s the lack of thought that counts.

Spring clean, sprung

My new home, but with some unboxing to do.


Or, why are IT people so crap at communicating?

Dear Diary…

Sometimes, things should just work. When it comes to calendaring, they often don’t.

A website blast from the past

A random thought brought back a few happy football memories. A few sad ones, too.

The Echo and The Dot

No, it’s not a Gruffalo-style Christmas story – I’ve bought one of each.

Doing it yourself

How difficult is it to set up your own web and email space? Well…

One App to Rule Them All

Information is power, which might be why the trains companies don’t like you having it.

You subscribed

You know you didn’t. But it can be difficult to prove.

You have reached your destination (board)

I don’t care if it is sad – all hail split-flap displays!

Curriculum Vitae Markup Language

Something to take some of the effort out of applying for jobs.

Is this post about SEO search engine optimised?

I guess it depends on whether I want you to read it or not.

A phishy tale

How modern technology makes it harder to protect ourselves from fraudsters.

The year we failed to make contact

Yes! It’s another ‘technology fail’ story…