Collections of (mostly) photos.

They might be Giants

What happens when your long-awaited catch-up with a friend clashes with a major international cultural event…

Day trip to Lincoln

My good friend Charmaine and I took a day trip to Lincoln today (I needed some camera practice – still do). Here’s a selection of some that I took from the walk around the castle wall.

Triathlon runner

Spending a day helping out… with the eyes of the world upon us. As you do.

One Sunday in Brussels

A figure-of-eight loop from my hotel, north through the gardens near the Library, across to the Park, back via the Cathedral and down into Grand’Place.

Presentation Night

The season’s over… the club’s over. All there is left to do is party. Not as many photos as you may have been hoping for… for obvious reasons 🙂

Niagara Falls!

The place I’ve been waiting to revisit ever since we arrived – at last!

On the waterfront

First day out for a proper look at the sights. Sometimes, sites.

Dancing Queen

My poor feet. And voice. And I never got a Lemon Jelly desert 🙁