women’s football

I volunteered with Leeds United / Leeds Carnegie Ladies between 2007 and 2013, and still follow the game.

The Impossible Client

If you don’t have all the information to hand, you can’t always make the right decision.

New season, same old problems

The problems facing women’s football just don’t seem to be going away.

Presentation Night

The season’s over… the club’s over. All there is left to do is party. Not as many photos as you may have been hoping for… for obvious reasons 🙂

We’ve only bloody done it!

We are most definitely the champions, my friend!

So anyway – the FA Women’s Awards…

Yes, Leeds Carnegie won, the Club Media Award. And nominated in the Marketing Award, and Jo got the Regional Media Award (for the work she did with us – many thanks).

But oh! The photographs were dreadful. I looked like a waxwork dummy. Not good at all, but perfectly illustrates why I’m better behind the camera than in front of it.

Still, getting a taste for it now, and aiming for a CIPR PRide Award next. Must win one eventually…

What’s the most number of women you’ve had dinner with on Valentine’s night?

I had 15. And one mum.

That’s because I’m in the team hotel with the Ladies (well, what did you think?) – I did nearly end up sharing a room with the coach driver though!

A Nottingham Adventure

My first-ever FA (Women’s) Cup final – and Access All Areas pass.


I like to think I pay attention most of the time. 8am on a Sunday doesn’t seem to be one of those times.

Normal service will be resumed shortly…

Or as normal as it gets, anyway.

Easter snow and a game of football

Invited on to the team bus for the day, I was.

Sneaking into the box!

Going up in the world, thanks to the Ladies!

On. Or off.

Event when it’s not my event I can’t quite let go…