The software that runs this site, and about 25% of the web sites around the world.

Back in the GDPR

Yes, even my small outpost on the Interweb needs to be GDPR-compliant!

A website blast from the past

A random thought brought back a few happy football memories. A few sad ones, too.

You make one change…

… and your web site develops a ‘fault’. Sort-of.

When WordPress wins

All I want is for a simple conditional to work…

Hacking about with WordPress

Filling in the time by keeping my WordPress skills sharp. Sharp-ish.

Of tags and themes

I probably wouldn’t be so bothered were I not a Chartered Librarian… although knowing me I probably would still be.

WordPress + Eventbrite = hours* of frustration

* It would have been hours, but I gave up after 30 minutes, I’m not getting any younger. Why should embedding off-site content be so difficult?


Spring-cleaning the site… six months late, but still, there’s method to the madness.


Whose photos are these, anyway? And does it really only depend on how they’re used?

Star Guitar

I know I’m late to the game, but I really do like this video. And it’s a good example of how WordPress uses oEmbed.

Well it’s not *im* possible…

Hmm. Just how difficult is it to build a family tree web site?